James Orchard

“I knew very early on what I wanted to do. Accounting reminded me of a huge jigsaw puzzle, and I loved putting things together and getting clear answers.”

It was at University that James really understood and came to relish the complexities of accounting. Entering public practice soon showed him the rewards of working with clients to help them understand what’s going on and why.

His unique selling point could be described as ‘getting’ it quickly. James has a real ability to grasp what clients are looking to achieve. He builds a clear picture fast, making sure that businesses can see the wood for the trees. James loves projects with the potential for great outcomes – going from zero to hero and working closely with clients who want things to be better.

Clients who work with James benefit from seeing the key things they need to protect their current financial position – and to improve their financial lot. It’s all presented well, with clear conclusions. James can demonstrate a lot of success with complex acquisitions, designing transactions so that clients are set up financially. He also produces great tax results by understanding the whole picture and putting cash in the hands of clients.

In a nutshell:

A fixer who gets things done.

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